The Sales Management tool

for Industrial Agents and Bidders

Pams is a tailor-made solution for the sales process of agents and bidders
It combines Sales Management functionalities and analytics with CRM Solutions


Alpha Version

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From Sales to Sales

A solution that truley deligts its users and solely focusing on what is relevant and what really impacts your business.

Future integrations of PAMS features will be released through multiple development phases.


Sales Pipeline

  • Agent, Trader and Bidder sales activities tracking.
  • Get instant analysis on sales success and failure reasons.
  • Be on top of all your sales activities through an efficient sales process designed by sales professionals.
  • Track your client job delays.

EPC Projects

  • Be much closer to your clients and never miss an opportunity.
  • Incoming EPC Projects are important leads. Ensure your registration by exchanging important information.
  • Track project jobs, registrations and information.

Client Accounts

  • Share client insights.
  • Upload data and attach it to your client profiles. 
  • Expand your customer network by collecting end user data.

Registration on Vendor Lists

  • Track your registrations at your client projects to act in time ensuring incoming business opportunities.

Commission Management

  • Never let a commission slip through the cracks.
  • Track commission agreement information

Bank Guarantees

  • Ensure your credibility by tracking your issues bid bond, down payment, performance and warranty bond guarantees.

Competitor Analysis

  • Even if you lose a bid, keep your information and knowledge collected from the job to evaluate your competitors.

Data Privacy – Our Higheast Priority

Cloud Hosting

All data is stored and processed on ISO-certified servers in Germany compliant with data privacy laws and regulations.

Premise Hosting

PAMS offers you to also store your data on your company servers.

Role Based Access

Additionally, authentication and role-based multi-level access right privileges to provide full control and security of PAMS usage.